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***** FIVE MORE KFI SURVEYS ADDED! Click here for 3/24/80 and continue on down the line.

Ten-Q Surveys: June 2, 1977.....December 22, 1977.....January 26, 1978

KDAY song list from 4/15/74 Survey Of Hits

KUTE song list from 4/15/74 Survey Of Hits

Special thanks to Mr. Grant Koyanagi for these latest additions.

KDAY song list from 9/29/75 Survey Of Hits


KFI Jan. 26, 1981 Survey

KHJ Survey Index

KRLA Survey Index

KHJ TOP 78 OF 1978 [282k]!
See if you can find the error, somewhere in the top 20, where Eddie Money got shafted.
(By the way, this is NOT Issue #689.)


KFWB 3/25/61

KFWB 4/22/61

KFWB 3/23/62

KFWB 6/29/65

KZZP 104.7 (PHOENIX) CHART (2/20/87)
Okay, I'll admit that the House Of Charts has lately become a Land Of Confusion, but I know the rest of the KHJ and KRLA charts are Somewhere Out There. I'll find them Someday, but until then I'm Livin' On A Prayer. Still, I Wanna Go Back and get 'em.

KZZP 104.7 ALBUM LIST (2/20/87)
Top ten albums from same chart, plus profile of staff member and upcoming concerts.

KKHR'S FINAL PLAYLIST (5/29/86) [28k]
Each DJ, probably thinking I'll be On My Own, probably had some Nasty words to say about the management, who must have thought that No One Is To Blame and that bringing back KNX would stop KKHR from Holding Back The Years. Little did they know that this site would Live To Tell.

KRLA PLAYLIST (5/5/78) [133k]
Warren Zevon's only big hit reaches #10 in this survey. We will miss you, Warren.

KFRC PLAYLIST #33 (1/11/67)
The survey says 1966 but it's '67 all right. You'll believe me when you see the song list.

KFRC PLAYLIST #35 (1/28/67)

KFRC PLAYLIST #44 (3/29/67)

KFRC PLAYLIST #53 (5/31/67)
While our friend Happy Jack is Groovin' down a Dead End Street in San Francisco, I'm wondering who Martha Lorraine will pick - Him Or Me? I would hope that She'd Rather Be With Me!

KFRC PLAYLIST #206 (5/20/70)
Get Ready: it looks like a two-way street is about to segue into a winding road up around the bend. Care to hitch a ride?

KRLA's Dave Diamond spun discs on KFRC in the spring of 1970. Here's an artist's conception of the DJ. On the left side is an ad for Tanfastic™. (Anyone remember that stuff?)

This was the centerpiece of the Survey Of Hits' Sept. 1, 1975 issue. WARNING: This is a big jpeg! (By the way, how did Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds get on a soul chart?)

K-100 TOP 30: 9/1/75
Four of these songs were not charted on KHJ: #12, 16, 17 and 29.

Z-100 TOP 30 LIST #25 (2/4/84) [132k]
An early Top 30 list from New York's very own Z-100, presented in glorious Black & White!

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